Why and how to build your own timber decking – The Basics!

local decking supplierIf you consider yourself a handyman (or handywoman), building your own timber decking is a great way to having exactly what you want and at a cost you are comfortable with. While deck builders usually do a great job, they also cost a lot of money and more often than not, they can induce us into making decisions that can dramatically increase the overall cost of the Hardwood timber decking. Besides, if you fancy yourself as being reasonably good at carpentry and have all the necessary basic tools for the job, plus of course some help from a family member, neighbour or friend, you can build yourself a great looking timber deck in no time at all.

Building your own timber decking is all about the joy of creating something enduring and the pride of having done it yourself. If you have the skills, there is no reason to rely on a contractor when you can build your own deck for a fraction of the cost. Also, you are in full control of your timber decking at all times. You can buy all the timber you need at one go or in small quantities. You can build the entire deck over a period or a couple of weekends or a couple of months. You can stick to the plan or change it mid-way (so long as local regulations are met). You won’t get this kind of freedom if you engage a decking contractor.

A few things before you start:

1. See the deck in your mind – visualize how it would look and also everything that you would want on your deck.

2. If you reside in a zone that is prone to bush fires then timber might not necessarily be a good idea for your deck. Instead, explore the idea of working with brick or block piers or even steel frames.

3. Check at your local council office about approvals required for your timber decking.

4. Treated timber is more expensive but necessary especially for the supports that come in contact with the ground. Remember, untreated timber will deteriorate rapidly and will also be attacked by termites, rodents, etc.

5. There are various decking materials available. Visit your local decking supplier and see what options are available. Pay attention to the ease of use as well as durability and maintainability (there’s no point in buying something that is difficult to maintain, re-polish or paint). You can also consider using tiles or ceramics or stone laid over compressed fibre-cement sheets.

6. Pay attention to wind and sun direction (to make optimal use of both) and also provide for adequate drainage.

7. Draw up a plan for the entire deck. If your deck requires local council approval engage the services of a draftsman or engineer.

8. If you elect to buy material piecemeal, you would have to start with the supports.

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