Best Timber Deck Builders in Canberra

Looking for a timber deck builder to enhance your love of the outdoor life or make your commercial establishment look more attractive? Look no further. Canberra Decks is run by Leigh Bason, a much respected carpenter with years of timber deck building experience and widely known for his attention to detail and quality. Leigh Bason will personally help you extend the interior of your home to the exterior, in effect increasing your entertaining and living and space.

Absolutely nobody builds better timber decks than Leigh Bason of Canberra Decking – Leigh’s experience in design and installation of patio decks, pool decks, outdoor decking and pergolas is second to none. Leigh Bason will add value and beauty to your property. Whatever be your budget or specifications, if it can be done, then Leigh Bason of Canberra timber decks is the best timber deck builder in the business. In fact, Canberra Decking is the recipient of the Best Showcase Garden, Floriade 2010!

Canberra Decking works like no other timber deck builder. In helping you create your outdoor deck, Leigh Bason and his team will work with you to develop a proper plan that makes optimal utilization of available space so that all the features you had in mind are created – be it room for chairs, children’s play area, barbeques, Jacuzzi and outdoor dining, it is all there.

With Canberra Decking as your timber deck builder, environmental concerns too are taken care of; you can have heat from the sun to warm up your outdoor space in the winter and cool shade in the hot summers. Leigh Bason specializes in personal touch like adding built-in planters to enhance the beauty of the deck area or custom seating built into the deck. All this when added to the custom railings and other customizations that Leigh is famous for, helps create a unique and effect and is guaranteed to impress.

As your timber deck builder, Canberra decking can also help solve most landscaping problems. Where other timber decking builders might suggest levelling the ground, Canberra decking instead will recommend building a decking with multiple levels that will not only impressively make use of the land as is, but also add immense value to your outdoor deck. In fact, Leigh Bason routinely uses lay of the land to incorporate an outdoor pool deck or Jacuzzi.

As your timber deck builder, Canberra Decking has skill, experience and equipment for all types of wooden decking, including hardwood timber decking, or treated pine decking. Apart from timber decks, Canberra Decking also designs, constructs and installs pergolas and patios.

Canberra Decking can help you maintain the beauty of your timber deck with our line of recommended deck products such as sealers, cleaners, wood treatment chemicals and finishes that are available in chemical base as well as ‘All green’ environmentally friendly variety. Stop by at Canberra Decking for all your outdoor deck maintenance products or timber deck design and requirements.

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