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Canberra wooden deckingSummer is here and many deck owners will be looking to renovate their outdoor decking. If you are one of them, this article will be of great help in getting your deck renovation right.

Deck renovation terms

At time of deck renovation, you would have to talk to your local contractor or supplier. To avoid confusion, it is ideal to get the terms right. Let’s begin with Deck, Patio and a Porch.

A Deck is typically a wooden floor that is attached to your house and is a continuation of the house. It can lead into your garden or to your gate. A deck is a raised wooden floor but without the walls and is basically an extension of your house. A deck can encompass a swimming pool or Jacuzzi or similar entertainment areas.

A patio is an open area adjoined to the house that is usually paved and furnished and serves as a recreational space.

A porch is a covered area that is located in front of the main entrance to the house. A visitor to your house could stand on your porch and talk to you before actually entering or leaving your house. A porch might contain a few seats and a table. The cover is usually in the form of some latticework or some other light frame.

So, to renovate your deck, porch or patio you will need to:

1. Undertake a thorough cleaning job. Remove all dirt, grease, furniture that is not bolted down and other obstructions.

2. Once your cleaning process is complete, inspect your porch/deck or patio for cracks, fungus or other damage. Inspection is a slow process. You will need to examine every square inch of your outdoor space including and especially, underneath your porch/deck or patio. Create a map of your entire outdoor space and mark the areas that require attention mentioning the kind of attention required. This will help you create a list of items you will need for your deck renovation.

3. Look at your deck renovation map and draw up a list of items you need.

4. Fix all the problems you’ve listed in your deck renovation map including fungal infections, lose or cracked boards; lose nails or bolts, etc. Walk the length of your porch/deck or patio ensuring everything feels rock solid and steady.

5. Resurfacing. The norm is to use a chemical detergent or stain stripper. These can be applied using a polyester brush, a pump sprayer or a roller. Apply the detergent or stripper, wait a few minutes for it to work its magic and then give it a good hard scrub with a hard bristle brush.

6. Give your deck / porch or patio a good pressure wash. When dry, inspect the wood for any stubborn stains that continue to exist. These can be sandpapered away.

7. Parts of your deck / porch or patio that have been sandpapered or replaced with new boards or look a different color, should be treated with the paint/wood stain/polish/oil depending on the material or procedure that was used for the rest of your wood.

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